The band


Anno 1792 - made in Sweden


1792 is a dramatic year in the Swedish history. King Gustav III is assassinated by a nobleman named Anckarström. The king enjoyed a masked ball who took place at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm when the conspirators - they were all wearing masks and dominos - attacked him.


Anckarström moved behind the King and fired a pistol-shot into the left side of his back. The king jumped aside, crying in French:


"Ah! Je suis blessé, tirez-moi d'ici et arrêtez-le."


Two weeks later the king was dead.


The metal band Anno 1792 is based in Stockholm. We love to play rock ´n roll with a strong melody. We´re inspired by Black Sabbath, doom metal, baroque music and traditional Swedish folk songs. We also give the music a distinct electronic touch.


The Swedish lyrics that form the basis for this project are chosen with great care. They´re all about war, looting, death, sorrow and decay and are all written by poets, weirdos, politicians and other strange personalities who lived between 1750 and 1850.


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