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Swedish rock band Anno 1792 is dedicated to the era between 1750 and 1850, a time of revolution and political turbulence. We transform the lyrics of legends like Carl Michael Bellman and Robert Louis Stevenson to rock ´n roll. We welcome you to a seriously disturbed music project!

Anno 1792 first release: Bellman still rockin


Anno 1792 's first record is out! You can listen to it on Spotify, Wimp and a lot other streaming services on the internet. The record can also be bought on iTunes and other online record stores.

New rock,

old lyrics...



Lyrics like "Oft in the stilly night" by Thomas Moore and "Gråt, Fader Berg, och spela" by Carl Michael Bellman are meant for rock ´n roll. We just added some heavy guitars and strong melodies and formed a band, Anno 1792. As simple as that.

Anno 1792 - the story


Metal band Anno 1792 is based in Stockholm, Sweden. We love to play rock ´n roll with a strong sad melody. We´re inspired by Black Sabbath, doom metal, baroque music and traditional Swedish folk songs. And we are passionate about history.

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