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We write the music, not the lyrics


One of the most famous poets of the time is Swedish legend Carl Michael Bellman (1740-1795), but we´ve also set the works of the Irish poet Thomas Moore (1779-1852).

Who can ignore Carl Michael Bellman? He is the greatest Swedish poet of the era. The poem Skåden Hit Märk och Minns is not a merry drinking song which are normally associated with Bellman, it´s about the death of Frederick Movitz (a person Bellman often wrote about in his songs.)


The other songs that we have chosen from Bellmans repertoire are Drick ur ditt glas and Fader Berg – a song about fight on a pub.


For an english speaking audience it might be interesting to now that one of our lyricists is Thomas Moore who lived between the years 1779 and 1852. He became famous for a lot of reasons, not at least for his ballads. He wrote lyrics to a series of Irish tunes, for an example Oft in the stilly night. Of course, Anno 1792 has done Moores poetry unjustice by writing a new song, a rock song.


Finally we´re telling the story of Anna Månsdotter in the song Bilan. It is a story of sudden death and an execution that went awry. Together with her son Per Anna Månsdotter carried out the murder of Per's wife, Hilda Nilsson.


Other poets that have inspired us are Anna Maria Lenngren (1754-1817), Erik Johan Stagnelius (1793-1823) and Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804-1877).


Please enjoy!

New rock,

old lyrics...



Lyrics like "Oft in the stilly night" by Thomas More and "Gråt, Fader Berg, och spela" by Carl Michael Bellman are meant for rock ´n roll. We just added some heavy guitars and strong melodies and formed a band, Anno 1792. As simple as that.

Anno 1792 - the story


Metal band Anno 1792 is based in Stockholm, Sweden. We love to play rock ´n roll with a strong sad melody. We´re inspired by Black Sabbath, doom metal, baroque music and traditional Swedish folk songs. And we are passionate about history.


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